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Kanye Will Let Tiger Wood’s Wife Finish

Monday, 30. November 2009

Imma let you finish #tigerwoodswife.... but Chris Brown did the
 best celebrity domestic violence beating of all time, of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Tiger Wood’s Wife Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    ~: Kanye Will Let Tiger Wood’s Wife Finish

  2. musimani Says:
    TIGER WOODS NEW LOGO This is pretty funny. Please Retweet. Thanks.

  3. iPhillyChitChat Says:
    Tiger woods is a sweet man. I'm honestly sorry for blowing his cover he wanted his gift under the radar. Ill be more c ...

  4. NeedGolf Says:
    -- Tiger Woods Return to Golf - Mistresses Inc Team Ready for TV?: National Ledger One repo claims the golfer ma...

  5. dlaws11 Says:
    Michael Oher is my hero.. Right behind my Grandpa , Bill Clinton, William Wallace, Luke Skywalker, Tiger Woods and Wolverine

  6. Chocs2000 Says:
    Who's played Golf before? Fun? (I'm NOT talking Crazy or Mini Golf lol)< Two words Tiger Woods.

  7. 2cotrim Says:
    "Tiger Woods tratará vício em sexo" - Nem precisava. Não fazer sexo é muito fácil. É só ter 15 anos e gostar de Slayer. ...

  8. Howtowinfriends Says:
    KTLA = Nat Inq? Pa 2 of Wendy Burch's exclusive with Tiger Woods mistress Jaime Grubbs coming up on tonight's 10pm news.

  9. love4yah Says:
    LOL Don't Kanye me or I'll Chris Brown you and Tiger Woods your mother.

  10. billyciam Says:
    you should put in to be Tiger Woods' new caddy and join the Haiti golf tour until march madness is over.

  11. icecreameboni Says:
    exactly! so whats the big deal? tiger woods dont do black chicks either...AND lol?

  12. Alias4rlw Says:
    Pic??? 2 more hrs til Tiger Woods Valentine's Glass goes on sale! Get yours while they last, once they're gone...

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