Kanye Will Let Stalin Finish
Kanye Will Let Captain Kirk Finish
Kanye Will Let a Poltergeist Finish
Yo Ryan Imma let you finish
Kanye Will Let The Hamburglar Finish
Kanye Will Let Sarah Finish

Kanye Will Let WWII Vets Finish

Tuesday, 15. September 2009

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Responses to “Kanye Will Let WWII Vets Finish”

  1. theman Says:

  2. tok_us Says:
    WWII Veterans Still Waiting for Payments From U.S.

  3. SocialDiveShop Says:
    ‘Amazing’ - Wreck of WWII-era dive bomber found off South Maui -

  4. bgazettestate Says:
    Marine vet given WWII symbol: SEELEY LAKE — The public face of Bud Moore for most of his 92 years has been that of...

  5. BonesMello Says:
    This is true, but Obama has the lowest post-WWII approval rating in his first year of any standing president... including Reagan.

  6. justajust Says:
    yes there has. It was called the Great Depression. WWII was brutal on economys worldwide

  7. jamespyles Says:
    The first one is an obvious lampoon and the rest were real, but some so of gag. The apparently racist one was WWII propaganda.

  8. schoolgirlglee Says:
    All-Girl Bands of WWII | Jukke

  9. howitadorough Says:
    A la costa con las chicas a comer chori wiii y dsp al casino wwii las amo chicas wwiii

  10. indydina Says:
    He's really a sweet guy, WWII vet, retired schoolteacher, volunteered for all kinds of things when he could drive.

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