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Rick Astley, Imma give you up

Thursday, 21. January 2010

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Responses to “Rick Astley, Imma give you up”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    ~: Rick Astley, Imma give you up

  2. DinosaursgoRahh Says:
    My characters name in Lego Rock Band is Brick Astley. Yes.... I'm THAT creative.

  3. Tyrone_Swift Says:
    Jovi is always hilarious. You could always do him and Astley. A real man would rock both.

  4. HotPinkDelorean Says:
    done listening to rick astley and drinkin coors light....time to go listen to loud indie rock and drink pabst....see we are hipsters too lol

  5. BigPictureKeith Says:
    I uploaded a YouTube video -- Dan G & Tom rock the house - Rick Astley style.... simply magnificent

  6. gouthamdl Says:
    So they wanted Pop singers for Rock India. Rick Astley wasn't available?

  7. wcotrim Says:
    Rock'n roll de primeira: Rick Astley vc Nirvana. Ă“timo MASH UP.

  8. InnocentHill Says:
    If you go rock climbing, never let Rick Astley be your belayer. He will never let you down.

  9. OmisDon Says:
    Great Rock band song! Nirvana and Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give Up Your Teen Spirit" --

  10. mrphoenix Says:
    Edwin Astley really knew how to rock the harpsichord. The Randall & Hopkirk soundtrack is B O S S flavoured!

  11. christooter Says:
    Rock singer Axle Rose (Guns N' Roses) is 48. Singer Rick Astley is 44. Rock musician Tim Brown (Boo Radleys) is 41.

  12. hoyhacetiempo Says:
    1966 - nace Rick Astley, cantante de rock Never Gonna Give You Up

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