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Kanye West Will Let Ronald McDonald Finish

Monday, 21. September 2009

kanyewillletyafinishwithronaldYo Ronald! I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Burger King makes the best hamburgers of all time!

Responses to “Kanye West Will Let Ronald McDonald Finish”

  1. Kyle Says:
    LOL....BK Rocks.....McDonalds SUCKS

  2. LinLily Says:
    have fun with the ronald mcdonald barn toy you can so throw it away! no hard feelings!u were amazing tonight!

  3. ddbmexico Says:
    McDonald’s y la Fundación Infantil Ronald McDonald, donará $6 por cada BigMac del 16 al 22 de enero, para ayudar a las víctimas de Haití.

  4. akosiruthie Says:
    the grimace is ronald mcdonald's retarded friend.

  5. swaggsocrazii Says:
    Is ronald mcdonald black?

  6. YoBevyBev Says:
    Damn you Ronald McDonald! I can smell your hasbrowns from 2 blocks away!

  7. 504yungstacks Says:
    My eyes are like ronald mcdonald red

  8. keeshaewers Says:
    Only a couple days till V Day but love is always abounding in our Ronald McDonald Houses, Family Rooms & Care Mobile Share the...

  9. midgetmomof2 Says:
    I just won this free auction: Ronald Mcdonald scared silly VHS

  10. celsaad Says:
    - Get Down by Ronald Mcdonald

  11. amberconnelly Says:
    You have a few more days to apply for a Ronald McDonald House Scholarship. Apply by February 16!

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