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Kanye Will Let Forrest Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

kanye-forst-gumpYo Forrest, I'm really happy for you. I'm gonna let you finish, but Usain Bolt had one of the best legs of all time
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Forrest Finish”

  1. Felipe Says:
    One of the best legs? lol

  2. Josmar2011 Says:
    Reading "Forrest Gump" trying really hard not to think about it.

  3. MFoxPrivate Says:
    "My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates.. you never know what you're gonna get." Spoken by Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump.

  4. deester31 Says:
    Life is like a box of chocolates ... you never know what youre gonna get. -Tom Hanks I use to love this quote from the movie Forrest Gump!!

  5. harleyxxquinn Says:
    Xbox Live: harleyxxquinn is currently Online. Playing Netflix. Watching Forrest Gump. (Xbox Live Nation)

  6. xXGermanXCMXx Says:
    Gosh! Forrest Gump is such a stupidd movie!

  7. xXGermanXCMXx Says:
    Gosh! Forrest Gump is such a stupidd movie!

  8. (: Says:
    Aww.Forrest Gump is Such a great movie. I pity the person who thinks otherwise.

  9. joebachman Says:
    sushi, blizzard, couch, band work, Forrest Gump DVD, and staying warm... I NEED KW NOW!!!

  10. oitomaos Says:
    É uma boa música, né? Ela foi meio que inspirada naquele personagem do filme do Forrest Gump, o Tenente Dan, sabe?

  11. bigmarkspain Says:
    hahaha forrest gump makes you cry? don't tell no one but i read book

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