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Wednesday, 30. September 2009

goku-vs.-narutoYo Goku, I'm really happy for you and ima let you finish, but naruto is one of the greatest anime heroes of all time! Kanye interrupts Goku.
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Responses to “Kanye Will let Goku Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye Will let Goku Finish

  2. Sif Says:
    Goku would beat the shit out of Gay Naruto.

  3. Mortician Says:
    Fuck Naruto. Even Shinji Ikari could beat the shit out of him.

  4. Lugh Says:
    I must say that for the first time inmyentire meme life... Kanye has dissapointed me... T.T

  5. super saiyan sword Says:
    It should be reversed ;)

  6. Disappoint Says:
    Kanye...I am disappoint.

  7. Jay Says:
    F U Kanye! You have no idea how much bigger Goku's power level is over Naruto's! IT'S FREAKING OVER NINE THOUSAND!

  8. Wellll.... Says:
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! good one! At this point, I think Naruto would get fried. But, then again, Goku is so over powered now, that he's probably about to pop like a zit filled with power. So, he would Kah meh ha meh ha, blow up, and Fry Naruto... wow.

  9. Jetstorm Says:
    lol Naruto is actually one of the worst shounen main characters of all time. Comparing him to Goku in any capacity is a fucking insult to Goku.

  10. amonhumbleavis Says:
    Un visage sur les voix japonaises de Naruto, Goku et Pikachu

  11. thalskarth Says:
    Goku, Gohan y Veguera Junto con mi Mazinger Z Fly, Naruto y Pegaso Me daran fuerzas para decie te amo cada vez que te abrazo

  12. narutoMovieTw Says:
    Naruto vs Goku

  13. David Says:
    OMG naruto could use a rasagen i mean really even though i like both and i cant tell witch is better im mean they have like the same if you used an anime heros against naruto or goku they would get creamed really

  14. chriseh Says:
    Naruto is an emo prick, Goku reigns supreme! I mean.. seriously.. blowing up planets and shit.. OP, sort it out!

  15. bbbobbo Says:
    kuubi destroys villiages.. all dbz chars destroy parts of earth and a whole planet

  16. David Says:
    Actually i change my mind Goku would fuck naruto up i mean he fucking survived a planet exploding and his powerlevel is way over 9000! Naruto is just some furry fuck who had some gay ass fox trapped inside him. Naruto also has gay music and jokes. DBZ jokes always were better. Master roshi king of the lolis... Actually naruto is just a faggot, the show fucking sucks... GOKU FOR THE WIN!

  17. goku Says:
    you know what? goku always wins! he's virtually indestructable becuase he is the awesomest character out there and there's nothing you can do about it. He would totally be naruto! i don't like naruto becuase his show is rather on the dull side, sure i watch 3-10 episodes but that was about it before i gave up and i get shonen jump and the manga is boring! how can anyone read that stuff??? those who are rather boring i think. Goku is my favorite followed behind vegeta becuase their have personalities that draw you to them while naruto and his friends repell, cocky little brat that he is! well good lucky naruot despite how many mangas and episodes you might waste, Goku was around longer than you and he can pack a punch that you'll never get! =)

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