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Kanye Will Let Jesus Finish Again 3

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

KANYE-AND-JESUSYo Jesus, I'm really happy for you. I'm gonna let you finish, but I am the greatest Miracle of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Jesus Finish Again 3”

  1. donjabroni Says:
    That was so damn funny!

  2. lstrickland40 Says:
    Jesus hear these pleas 4 healing, strength, love,mercy,protection,& comfo. I agree & ask these thi ...

  3. laisverdan Says:
    hauhauahahaha, ai Jesus...

  4. Ibelong2theLORD Says:
    This is an online campaign for ALL of YOU out THERE to stop messing around. Live by Jesus' teachings at all times. At every moment, America!

  5. 2ndStix Says:
    Illinois gives the US its first African American president and Massachusetts expands Jesus-land. Gee, thanks.

  6. bubblecrysis Says:
    Adorei! - De bobeira? Que tal brincar com Jesus haha

  7. la007 Says:
    So glad to hear Landon's doing better! Thank you Jesus!

  8. sarasilveira_ Says:
    ? Jesus your the only one for me...

  9. emilyglangston Says:
    Jesus is like a nerdy accountant.

  10. heatherjo72 Says:
    sick of being in pain but i know others that have it much worse than me it just sucks today..thank you Jesus u end each day that we might

  11. leticialuna17 Says:
    Q:Você acredita que Jesus é Deus, a segun... A:Falar sobre trindade é um assunto muito ...

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