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Kanye Will Let Steve Bartman Finish

Thursday, 17. September 2009

kanye-bartmanYo Steve Bartman Im really happy for you and Ima let you finish making that catch but Jeffrey Maier Had one of the best fan interferences of all time
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Steve Bartman Finish”

  1. dayneb Says:
    That explains what happened to Steve Baman :) F%^K the yankees. I'm a Cubs fan.

  2. crackpotjack Says:
    It's sad but true. I wonder if Steve Baman is a Chargers fan

  3. LanceCashington Says:
    Jay Leno is the new Steve Baman of Late Night television.

  4. daskeeza Says:
    nate, have you met my good friend steve baman?

  5. grocklein Says:
    Maha Coakley is the Democratic Pay's Steve Baman.

  6. davidr Says:
    Is Maha Coakley the Steve Baman of politics (and are Dems the Cubs)?

  7. ajbezark Says:
    The Democrats are the Chicago Cubs of politics. And Maha Coakley is our Steve Baman.

  8. rohrbach Says:
    The better analogy would be whether to begrudge Steve Baman a $17M bonus.

  9. mattstl77 Says:
    The last time Chicago shook like this was when Steve Baman snatched away the Cubs' pennant and 1st trip to the Series since the dinosaurs.

  10. bartsbeervendor Says:
    the aist formerly known as dibs and shitterplease will remain beervendor until fuher notice...google steve baman for assistance

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