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Kanye Will Let The Statue Of Liberty Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

kanye-statueYo lady Liberty, I'm really happy for you. I'm gonna let you finish, but the Eiffel Tower is one of the greatest French Buildings of all time

Responses to “Kanye Will Let The Statue Of Liberty Finish”

    Look at my little Statue of Libey :) LOL

  2. 34StreetVintage Says:
    You know tax season is coming by the amount of crazy people dressed as uncle sam and the statue of libey on the street corners.

  3. bry_wong Says:
    Munching on statue of libey milk chocs. Yumpz!

  4. RatedRHakstar Says:
    R they dressed in the statue of libey costumes

  5. LibertyBiz Says:
    I have a wonderful make-up crew. They're the same people restoring the Statue of Libey.Bob Hope

  6. velspar Says:
    ????????????FREEDOM WOMEN GOD??????????????????????????????????????????????Statue of Libey(?????)????

  7. NObobettes Says:
    S.o to the lady dressed like a statue of libey nd wavin at evryone. Lmao

  8. Mr_Edgal Says:
    The Statue of Libey is made out of copper. When originally built, it looked like a shiny new penis!

  9. daftasabat Says:
    what is there a statue of libey around or somat

  10. SammiiPooh Says:
    i wuna take a pic wiff this guy who is always dressed like teh statue of libey he has teh best job evar

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