Kanye Will Let Jenson Button Finish

Sunday, 18. October 2009

ima-let-you-finish-Jenson-Button Yo Jenson Button, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Michael Schumacher is the greatest F1 driver of all time!

Kanye Will let NASA Finish

Sunday, 18. October 2009

kanyenasamoon Yo NASA,  I'ma let you finish blowing up the Moon, but I just want to say that the tunguska event of the 1908 was probably the best explosion ever! (more…)

Yo Falcon, Ima let you finish Balloon Boy MEME’s

Thursday, 15. October 2009

falcon-balloon-boy-kanye Falcon was in the attic the whole time! Now that we know he is ok we can make fun of this event.  With a slew of Balloon Boy MEME's! More Ballon Boy MEME's

Kanye Will Let Balloon Boy Finish

Thursday, 15. October 2009


Yo balloon kid, I'm real happy for ya, and I'ma let you finish,
but Baby Jessica
was the best newsmaking child of all time. OF ALL TIME.
Haven't you been watching the news? For the last 2 hours,
they've been following this balloon around because they
thought a kid was in it.
And then when it landed, there wasn't. It may be a touchy
thing to post though,
because now they aren't exactly sure of his whereabouts.

update: Balloon Boy was in the attic the whole time!
now that we know he is ok we can make fun of him on the
 Balloon Boy MEME page

Kanye My Liege

Wednesday, 14. October 2009

kanye-my-liege My liege I am most pleased with his majesty and I shall allow thee to commence but King Henry was far greater then thou

Kanye Does Not Want Obama To Recieve The Nobel Peace Prize

Tuesday, 13. October 2009

Congratulations, President Obama! You've been awarded the Nobel Pea- Yo Obama, I'm real happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Teddy Roosevelt was one of the most deserving Nobel recipients of all time!! 79357952CS040_BARACK_OBAMA_ nobel nobelkanye Obama 2008 obamakanye obama-kanye-peace-prize obama-moon obamanobel who-is-barack-obama

Kanye Will Let The Twins Finish

Monday, 12. October 2009

kanye-twin-girls Yo Twins, I'm happy for you and ima let you finish, but Catdog was the best siamese twins of ALL TIME.

Kanye Will Let American Idol Finish

Monday, 12. October 2009


Yo Paula, I’m really happy for you, 
and imma let you finish, but
Simon is the best American Idol
judge of ALL TIME!!!