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Wednesday, 16. September 2009

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Responses to “Kanye Will let Squirtle Finish”

  1. agathalie Says:
    I meant it.. an old version of facebook. waktu applikasi yg in tuh koleksi2 produk McD, lomo, pokemon, vespa, vw.. ga kaya sekarang POKER!

  2. urikoliveira Says:
    desde que eu perdí meu DS com minha Diamond e minha Sapphire junto, não consigo mais ver nada sobre sem ter vontade de chorar i.i'

  3. _videojuegoblog Says:
    Pokñemon Ranger 3: Primeros videos: Una de las cosas más interesantes que trajo la saga Pokémon fue la justificaci...

  4. gamingelite Says:
    Pokemon HeaGold/SoulSilver pre-order bonuses revealed

  5. teradyne Says:
    It's still illegal, and some devs do have problems with it. There's a message in Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen that (cont)

  6. wuthappened2luv Says:
    digimon? No man. It's all about pokemon

  7. rafael_azzi Says:
    : Coleção de Pokémon!

  8. SpottyBlanket Says:
    Either thats a new pokemon, or batman has made a few life changes...

  9. kay_b1 Says:
    check your dm, ill swap you.... We can play like pokemon cards lol

  10. sglider12 Says:
    Playing Pokemon Snap on the good 'ol Nintendo 64. Reminds me of my childhood. :)

  11. yaboyDEMI Says:
    Yo look like he need to be in a pokeball or something. Pokemon looking ass! POW! Lol

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