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Kanye Will Let The Sham Wow Guy Finish

Tuesday, 15. September 2009

kanye-sham-wowYo Vince, The ShamWow is a pretty good invention and I'ma let you finish, but Billy Mays' Zorbeez is the best towel of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let The Sham Wow Guy Finish”

  1. srta_sha Says:

  2. briancauble Says:
    AS SEEN ON TV! Ever bought a Sham Wow or Pedi Focus? Reviews of 11 different products.

  3. ProtruckR Says:
    That Trick Question you know the Sham wow Guy all way want here how he chops them Nuts so well on TV

  4. subwayeater22 Says:
    Towels are just as good as sham wow Seth!

  5. SusieSprinkle2 Says:

  6. zakwalsh Says:
    Was the fight over a Sham-Wow? Wow! Woman bites off sister's nose during fight, police charge

  7. tylervsd Says:
    And the first house repair is a leaky kitchen sink. Sham-wow saves the day!

  8. madnuggie Says:
    Omg has anyone seen the Sham-wow remix commercial. I'm in shock. Jaw is on the ground.

  9. missnaturalle Says:
    this sham wow commerical is absolutely ridiculous!

  10. billy fuckin mays Says:
    I agree kanye, I r teh ghost of Billeh Mehs trolololololololololololol besides, zorbes is much moar funz to say

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